Up Close and Personal

Dr. Merritt begins a new teaching series for June 2012 entitled “Up Close and Personal”. What is your relationship with God like? Is it distant, like there’s an ocean between you? Or, could it be something more? Something closer, more intimate and personal than you imagined? Join Pastor Merritt for this fascinating teaching series entitled “Up Close and Personal” as we open God’s Word to discover just how close He really can be in our lives daily.

Up Close and Personal is a four-week teaching series, June 10 – July 1, 2012.

Welcome to Cross Pointe Church

Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Georgia, has started this blog to keep our members and guests up to date on all our ministry happenings and opportunities. You can subscribe to the feed to get all the information straight to your in-box as it happens. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.