What is Your Platform?


When I was pondering a topic for today’s blog, I was trying to think of something that I felt would apply to every reader. Something that I recently shared with our worship band during a rehearsal seemed perfect.

A little over a year and a half ago, my home group leaders shared something with me that has stuck in my mind ever since. We were discussing the idea of Evangelism and how to share the gospel using our “platform” that God has given us. I instantly thought, “What is my platform”? He then explained that your platform is a noun that describes who you are or what occupation you may have in life. Musician, baker, barista, teacher, CEO, assistant, mother, brother, friend etc., are things that came to mind. Whether it is a personal or professional noun that someone might use to describe who you are, it is a common thread which gives you this platform for being their friend, or in this case a platform for ministering to them about Jesus. It hasn’t always been easy for me to “share the gospel” with people I run into on an average day. I used to think that in order to share the gospel you had to ask the typical question, “Do you know where you are going when you die?” Conversations like that tend to make me feel awkward. If I feel awkward, I can’t imagine how the person I am talking to feels. Later, I learned that sharing the gospel doesn’t always have to start off with such a harsh question. Our home group continued by discussing people we see everyday, that we know need Jesus. Openly discussing your beliefs with certain people can be really intimidating for some believers. But the bottom line is, that is what we are called to do.

You can start just by building your relationship with that person. Ask them out for a casual coffee or invite them over for dinner. Sometimes just being an example of Christ is all it takes to spark someone’s interest in Jesus. Always strive to live your life for God by being “in the world and not of it”. Simply put, keep Christ the center of your own life and don’t let society affect your decisions on how to follow Him.

A good friend once told me that it is our job as followers of Jesus to plant the seed, not to cultivate it. Sometimes people are not responsive when we try to share Christ with them, and that’s okay. It can be discouraging at times, but we have to remember that we have planted a seed. It may lay dormant for awhile, but God will cultivate it, and He may even bring it to life through someone else they meet down the road. I now always try to keep this concept in mind when I think about my platform and whom I may reach through it.

I have worked in the Worship Arts Ministry here at Cross Pointe for about 3 years now. But, before that I worked at various bakeries and even as a Starbucks barista. Fortunately, I get to work alongside fellow believers now, but I still have friends from my past jobs that I know still need to have a relationship with Jesus. Sometimes just being that light is all they need. So I just want to encourage you today to reach out to that coworker, family member, or friend that you have been thinking about while reading this. God has placed that person in your life for a purpose. I encourage you to be that light in a dark place and so I ask you, “What is your platform?”

–Carrie Johnson, Worship Arts Administrator

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