Meet The Team

CP First Impressions Logo Color copy“What is ‘First Impressions’ exactly?”

Whenever I’m asked this, I tell people to stop and think about the last time they visited a new coffee shop or department store. Was someone waiting at the door to welcome them? Did the associates make eye contact and smile? These kinds of observations are what First Impressions is all about.

From the moment someone pulls onto our campus until the moment they leave, the First Impressions team is concerned with making sure they have a pleasant experience and a positive perception of Cross Pointe. This breaks down into five categories:

  • Traffic: We want to help you get on and off our property with ease.
  • Security: We want to make you and your family feel safe.
  • Guest services: We want to help you feel informed.
  • Greeters: We want to help you feel welcome.
  • Usher team: We want to help you get seated and stay comfortable.

These tasks seem simple, but they must be intentionally designed with our guests in mind. For example, one of our primary goals is to remove distractions and create an atmosphere conducive for worship through preaching and music. This is why we give out activity bags filled with crayons and coloring pages to parents accompanied by young children so their little ones stay engaged during the service.

We never know the life situation of the person who walks in our front doors. They may not know Jesus personally, and this may be their first (or only) experience with Christ followers in a church setting. The way our First Impressions team cares for them could help determine whether they give this whole “Jesus thing” a second chance.

The First Impressions team doesn’t get it right every Sunday in every way with every guest, but we are diligently committed to getting as close as we can. Why? Because the old saying is true: you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

—Lindsie Yancey, First Impressions Director

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