A Light In The Dark


Last week I had the privilege of going on mission to Anchorage, Alaska with one of our Mission Expeditions. Our team partnered alongside an organization called GraceWorks, and we took the Gospel of Christ to some of the darkest places in the state. Yet, being in an uncomfortable place, thousands of miles away from my home in Georgia, was exactly where I needed to be in order for the Lord to get a hold of my attention to teach me.

In the city of Anchorage, there is an epidemic of Christian churches plateauing. Churches that once held hundreds of people every Sunday currently have half or maybe even a quarter of the church’s capacity. The problem is, so many people are still in need of new life in Jesus. The landscape of Alaska may be described as breathtaking, but the souls of so many are hardened by the darkness of sin.

Our team was given the task to minister at a local park where we were to feed kids, both physically and spiritually. At the end of the week, we celebrated with a block party for the kids and families of that community. The reason we were in that community was simple; we were there to share the Good News of Jesus. And by the end of the week, 28 people came to faith in Christ!

Seeing these people come to know Christ really made me think about how much, or how little I share the hope I have in Jesus with those in my home state. Before you throw rocks or hurl religious words at me, I never said I never share my faith. Of course I share my faith periodically, both outside and inside the church and to my students. The point I am trying to make is do we consistently live a lifestyle of sharing the best news we have ever heard to our family members, friends, and even enemies?

In one week, our Alaska team shared the gospel with close to two hundred people. Many seeds were planted. If 28 people found Christ in one week, what would it look like if we all stepped out of our comfort zones and shared the Gospel in our hometowns? What if? Let’s be active. Let’s do what Jesus has called us to do. Share the Gospel often and live the Christian life that God has called us to live! Church, we’re in this together!

—Josh Frazier, Cross Pointe Middle School Student Pastor

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