Meaningful Meditation

shutterstock_185295584“Therefore, with your minds ready for action, be serious and set your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 1:13

Our mind is a powerful and wonderful gift from God. Unfortunately, we are living in an age when fewer and fewer people are putting their mind to constructive work. The discipline of sitting quietly to just think has gone; people are constantly on social media, cell phones, and computers. Society now follows this logic when it comes to thinking: youth are too frivolous to think, adults are too busy to think, the elderly are too sick to think, yet when we die, it is too late to think.

Peter understood the power of the mind and the importance of giving our minds the proper food for thought. That’s why he uses the terminology in verse 13, “with your minds ready for action.” The word for mind is the Greek word dianoia which is actually two words: the word dia meaning “through” and the word noia meaning “to think.” So it literally means “to think through.” As Christians, we should set aside time to sit and meditate  on the Lord, His attributes, and His Kingdom.

In the passage above, Peter is advocating transcendental meditation. That is, he is saying we need to mentally levitate above this world, get our mind off of this world, and gravitate toward the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s so easy to become consumed with the every day activities, schedules, and struggles of our lives. We can very quickly forget to acknowledge God and truly worship Him daily when we are constantly flooding our minds with the thoughts of this world and our own life.

So this is my challenge to you today. Starting this week, set aside just five minutes out of every day to contemplate the things of the Lord and His Kingdom. Maybe you read something during your Bible study time that you didn’t quite understand—take five minutes to think deeply about it. Or you can select an attribute of the Lord, like sovereignty or omniscience, and take five minutes to think through  that attribute. The goal is to begin the practice of sitting still to meditate on the Lord. I guarantee God will strengthen your journey with Him if you follow through.
–James Merritt

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