Beautiful Feet

shutterstock_136334072Feet are not typically a part of the human body that receives a lot of attention. They certainly are not a part of the body we humans classify as ‘important.’ In fact, I don’t know about you, but at one time I thought feet were one of the least interesting parts of the human body. But did you know that a person’s feet will carry them the equivalent of five times around the earth in an average lifespan?

The Prophet Isaiah tells us something interesting about God and feet. Isaiah 52:7 says, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’” How incredible. God thinks feet are beautiful. Not primarily because of how they look, but because of where they can go. God says the feet of anyone who is willing to go anywhere and share the good news of salvation are beautiful.

Sharing the love and hope of Jesus isn’t complicated and it isn’t meant to scare believers. Often, the most effective way to share Jesus with someone is by sharing how He has worked in your own life.

So think about all the places your feet will take you this Christmas season. Remember that Christmas presents a great opportunity to share the love of Christ. Take a step toward being on mission for God today. Let your feet remind you that you have a message to share. I pray that your feet would be beautiful in the sight of God today.

–James Merritt

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