A Thankful Heart

Tomorrow, many Americans will eat more food in one day, than most of the world will eat in a month. They will drive an air-conditioned car and forget that billons of people will never even own one.  They will choose an outfit from their closet containing more clothes than the average person in the world will see in a lifetime.  They will sleep on a bed, not realizing that much of the world will sleep on dirt floors.
America is an incredibly rich nation. If you possess any of the things listed above, you are considered incredibly wealthy.  But how often do you stop and thank God for the things He’s given you?
If there are any people on this planet that should to be thankful, it should to be the followers of Jesus Christ. Psalm 100, verse 4, describes how we as Christians should approach the throne of God: Enter His gates with thanksgiving
 and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name.”
We are called to always come before God with a thankful heart. Today, before you ask Him for anything, thank Him for what He has done in your life, and praise Him for who He is! Enter His presence with thanksgiving.
–James Merritt

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