God’s Favorite Day

Do you know what God’s favorite day is? I can tell you unequivocally, and without hesitation, that God’s favorite day is today. Now I don’t mean Sunday. I would say that if today were Monday or Thursday or Saturday.

You see, I trust that God did work in your life yesterday. I know He wants to work in your life tomorrow. But the only day He can work in your life is today. The only day you can better the past, or prepare for the future, is today. Listen to this statement:

Our Lord knows that the most important period of time is always “the now.” He knows that your “nows” will soon become your yesterdays, and that if you live each “now” well, you will have no regrets. He also knows that your “nows” determine your future, and that when the future becomes “now,” it will be good if you have lived each past moment well. –James Lord

I hope you served God yesterday, I pray you will serve Him tomorrow, but the only day you can serve Him is today.

Today is the only day you can enjoy. You can’t enjoy yesterday, it is only a memory. You can’t enjoy tomorrow, it is only a possibility. You can really only enjoy today. Whether or not you enjoy today is up to you.

–James Merritt

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