The Gospel In Any Language

I heard about a German in Paris who was looking for directions and he pulls up to a bus stop where two Americans are waiting. The German said, “Sprechen sie Deutsch?” The two Americans just stared at him. He tried again, “Parlez-vous Francaise?” The Americans said nothing. The German tried again, “Parlate Italiano?” Still no response. Finally, he said, “Hablan Espanol?” Not a word. Frustrated the German drives off. The first American looked at the second one and said, “You know we should learn a foreign language.” The other guy said, “I don’t know why. He knew four languages and it didn’t do him any good!”

Every Sunday I come into this building, joy fills my heart when I see African-Americans and Korean-Americans and Caucasian-Americans and Indian-Americans and Hispanic-Americans all worshiping God together. It is a reminder to me of that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. Years ago, when we planted Cross Pointe, we had a vision for a church where anyone would feel welcome. That vision comes true every week. You are part of the miracle that started two millennia ago. This miracle was God’s way of saying, “It doesn’t matter what language you speak, what tribe you come from, what nationality you are or what color your skin is.” We are to take the Gospel to everybody, because the Gospel is for everybody.

There are 6,909 languages that exist in the world today. God wants Jesus Christ to be proclaimed in every one of the them. This is the promise of Pentecost. If you are in Christ, then the Spirit is in you and Jesus will come out of you. In other words, when the spark of the Holy Spirit meets the kindling of a heart for God, it will ignite a fire for Jesus Christ.

–James Merritt

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