If I Only Had Four Words…

If you could only say four words that the entire world could hear, what would they be? Maybe you’d say:

Stop all the fighting.
Have a good life.
Strive for world peace.
Be kind to others.
Be ready to die.
Get your hair cut.

If I only had four words, they would be the words in Philippians 2:11… “Jesus Christ is Lord.” Think about it—every word is important, from the first to the middle to the last.

His first name is Jesus. That name literally means “Jehovah saves.” As Jesus, He is our mediator. He stands between sinful man and Holy God. As a sinless man, He takes the divine hand of God, and as a saving God, He takes the depraved hand of man and joins the two together and becomes our mediator.

His middle name is Christ. The name “Christ” literally means “Anointed One”. Christ is His Holy name. As Christ, He is our Messiah. The Jesus of the New testament is the Messiah of the Old Testament. Jesus is not only the gentile Savior, but He is the Jewish Messiah.

But His last name is the name that brings it all together. This is the name which is above every name and the name which one day will bend every knee, bow every body, and open every mouth. That name is Lord. Lord is His heavenly name. The name “Lord” is rich and pregnant with meaning. It can mean Sovereign, Master, Ruler, and it can mean King. These are all so rich because they describe the way we relate to Jesus, and the way He relates to us.

He is Sovereign and we are subordinate. He is the Master and we are the slaves. He is the Ruler and we are the servants. He is the King and we are the subjects. I want to make it very plain that as Lord, Jesus does not want a place in your life. He does not want prominence in your life, but He wants preeminence in your life.

So the question is not, “Is He Lord?” That’s been settled. The question is, “Is He your Lord?” Have you surrendered everything to Him?

–James Merritt

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