Honor Him, for He Is Your Lord

During World War II there was a General Wainwright who had been taken captive by the Japanese. They treated him terribly. He was beaten, tortured, emaciated and almost starved to death.

One day a plane landed with the news that the war had ended, and the Americans had won. The next day, out of sheer habit, the Japanese soldiers came to the compound where General Wainwright was staying. They had come to torture him, beat him, and mistreat him as they were accustomed to doing, because they had forgotten that the war was over, and that the General was now on the victorious side.

When those soldiers came in and raised their weapons, he said, “Wait a minute. Put down your weapons. I am now in charge of you and you are my captives.”

When Jesus Christ was beaten, tortured, and died on the cross, He did it not in order to take sides, but He did it in order to take over. He is now in charge. As the psalmist said, “Honor him, for he is your Lord.” (Psalm 45:11, NIV)

–James Merritt

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